Where have I been,what I’ve been doing and where am I going,

    It’s been a while since I’ve shared the doings in my classroom.  I’ll keep this part brief and tell you up front that it’s ok to laugh at this.

    After an injury at work, my left arm was put in a cast.  Inconvenient, but i’m right handed and I can’t count the number of times I said to everyone how grateful that I was I hadn’t hurt the right hand.  I said that sincerely and those who know me would agree that I always find the silver lining.  Keeping up with my normal work was difficult but I was scheduled to get that cast off on Thursday, February 11 which was the last day before a 4 day weekend.

     I had never had a cast on so it was difficult, but when I got it off decided to celebrate by going to Palm Springs for a couple of days.  Had a great dinner, unloaded the luggage and headed downtown for market night. Went to Sinfulicious first and got my custom bath scrub–and 15 minutes later took a tumble in the street and broke the right arm and  wrist.  Hours later left
    the emergency room with a splint and sling
    and a week later had a steel plate inserted
    surgically to keep all my humpty dumpty
    arm pieces in one place.
    So it’s been difficult to type and everything else.  In a couple of weeks, yes, I will have another cast.

    Having said that, I did start a monthly series of sub plans/early finishers packets that I would like to share.  I always need something during tests to keep those fast kids entertained while others are still working.  It is an experiment so far to see all the things I can come up with.

    Click here to download

     Click here to download
    Click here to download

    So far my theme seems to be to have a cut and paste puzzle in each one, with a calendar page and a word search with a secret message.  If you click below the image it will take you to my TPT store but these are completely free, so please download and enjoy.

    Here too is February, free of course.

    Keep tuned, March will be released next week.

    This weekend I will be presenting a session at the Good    Teaching Conference sponsored by California Teachers Association.  I will be sharing some activities that have been successful in my classroom getting kids excited and engaged with math,  This conference is being held at beautiful orange county in the area where Mickey lives, and In April I will go to San Jose to present at the conference in the north.

    I will be posting some of those activities on Monday when I return home and blogging about the conference sessions…..stay tuned….

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