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    Stock Market Game for Students

    Spring is coming and in my Consumer Math class it is time again for the Stock Market Game. Last year I learned a lot about how to scaffold the lessons so it would be more meaningful. Last year I played along and lost my virtual money. In case you are not familiar with the Stock Market game, it is a free simulation of the New York Stock Exchange that is played across the country. Did I mention it is FREE? There are videos and tutorials for new users. Teachers register for one of the many sessions that is played during […]

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    Teaching Teens Personal Finance

    This year I am teaching what the district calls Consumer Math, more popularly known as Personal Finance.  My seniors are assigned this option when they fail to meet the 2 years of required math, it is a blessing and a curse. A blessing because I believe all students should learn personal finance so that they can be more successful adults, and the content I present is timely, real-life examples that they can apply.  A curse because this class – like other math classes – is approached with a sense of dislike and fear. It has “math” in the title, students […]

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