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    17 Ideas for Teaching Slope

    I meet with new teachers weekly to discuss teaching strategies, tips, and lesson planning. This week the conversation turned to our next lesson which will be Slope of a line.  Slope is a crucial topic for both middle school and high school students. Slope forms the basis for writing equations and graphing. Without an understanding of what it is and how to calculate it, the rest of the semester (and year) becomes much more difficult for students and teachers. Even though my pacing allows two days (what are they thinking????) for learning slope, students need much more than this to […]

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    Back to the Future (Next Year Plans)

    Since I broke my arm (really, really broken in many pieces) I have been off work, which has left me with a lot of mixed feelings.  I needed the time to heal, and regain use of my arm, but I have missed out on my wonderful classes.  I really had some extraordinary students this year and not only have I missed seeing them, but on Friday they will have their 8th grade promotion and move on–with no goodbyes. I have sent notes, and left messages but not the same thing as being there daily. I can’t turn back the past, […]

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