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    Teaching Teens Personal Finance

    This year I am teaching what the district calls Consumer Math, more popularly known as Personal Finance.  My seniors are assigned this option when they fail to meet the 2 years of required math, it is a blessing and a curse. A blessing because I believe all students should learn personal finance so that they can be more successful adults, and the content I present is timely, real-life examples that they can apply.  A curse because this class – like other math classes – is approached with a sense of dislike and fear. It has “math” in the title, students […]

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    August Sampler Freebie Available

    How did it get to be August 1 already?  I am going back to school tomorrow and have mixed emotions, sorry to be going back while it is still sooooo hot and excited to meet my new students and try out some new activities with them.  Students are returning on this Friday (I know, who has students start school on Friday, right?) and one of the activities I am going to use is my conversation starters.  I really want to focus on student conversations this year, improving vocabulary, and learning to express ourselves mathematically. There are 27 cards which I […]

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    Back to the Future (Next Year Plans)

    Since I broke my arm (really, really broken in many pieces) I have been off work, which has left me with a lot of mixed feelings.  I needed the time to heal, and regain use of my arm, but I have missed out on my wonderful classes.  I really had some extraordinary students this year and not only have I missed seeing them, but on Friday they will have their 8th grade promotion and move on–with no goodbyes. I have sent notes, and left messages but not the same thing as being there daily. I can’t turn back the past, […]

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    Where have I been,what I’ve been doing and where am I going,

    It’s been a while since I’ve shared the doings in my classroom.  I’ll keep this part brief and tell you up front that it’s ok to laugh at this. After an injury at work, my left arm was put in a cast.  Inconvenient, but i’m right handed and I can’t count the number of times I said to everyone how grateful that I was I hadn’t hurt the right hand.  I said that sincerely and those who know me would agree that I always find the silver lining.  Keeping up with my normal work was difficult but I was scheduled […]

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