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    Effective Student Goal Setting

    Goal setting is one of the activities I use in January when students return to school after the winter break. It begins a new semester and gives us a fresh start. In the past, I used the goal setting tools provided by the administration. But last year, after my winter reading, I realized students need more than to just “set goals”. Students need strategies to help implement and follow up on goals as well. It was so successful that we are going to continue with this practice. Students Need More than Goal Setting In a study of Harvard MBAs, it […]

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    Solutions for Fidgety Students

     There has been a lot of brain research in the last 10 years that has really informed teachers about what is happening with students who fidget a lot (or those who don’t but are sleepy and not engaged).  Brains today are not the same brains that existed 1000 years ago.  I wasn’t there 1000 years ago, but neuroscientists tell me so and I believe them. There are many aspects of brain development that are of interest to teachers, but today I want to emphasize just one part.  The brain and physical body are interconnected.  Physical activityeffects how the brain works. […]

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    Teaching to Better Brains

    This week I have changed my practice,  my mind about teaching and more important changed my mind  about my 5th period. I am getting ready for the math conference in Palm Springs on November 6.  I am speaking about activities to use in the classroom that get students moving and how important movement in the classroom is to keep the brains active. I have been doing a lot of reading in the last few months about brain research.  When I was growing up there were a lot of theories about brain development, IQ, learning which have turned out to now […]

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    This is HARD!

    I have spent the last couple of hours trying to get the hang of creating this blog and actually saying something.  So it would appear that I am not very tech savvy, but in reality I am usually very good, so either this is a mentally slow day for me, or I am just not getting something.  But I finally got a pretty pink background which everyone says is “me”, and I am actually getting some words posted so I guess this turned out to be a good day.  I have used my websites in the past to post activities, […]

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