About Me

    Hi, I’m Linda.  If you are like me, you dreamed of being a teacher.

    You imagined…

    • helping children develop their talents
    • making a difference in the world
    • helping students achieve their dreams

    But teacher dreams meet tough reality when you:

    • can’t find enough time in the day
    • have 30 students with 30 different levels of understanding and 30 different learning needs
    • struggle with bored students
    • are overwhelmed with finding resources and activities
    • have to constantly hear “when are we going to do something fun?”
    • know there has to be an answer and keep looking. . .


    Well, I looked and I found a surprisingly simple answer:  we forget to have fun!

    • Are your pacing guides overpacked?
    • Do you feel pressure to cover content vs. teach?
    • Do you have state testing stress?
    • Do you find yourself saying “There has to be a better way” ?

    With all of this, it seems like there is no time for fun.

    But what if you could have the best of both worlds – learning + fun?

    I’m here to help!

    My teacher kind of fun is when students are learning, being hugely successful, are happy and tell me that they look forward to coming to my class every day.

    It is my passion to create print and digital resources that help students to succeed through activities, games, and collaboration instead of the proverbial worksheets.

    The result:  students learn and they are happy.  I’ve got to tell you, this makes me pretty excited to go to work every day.


    I’m Linda and it’s my passion to be in the classroom teaching students and extend my classroom to yours by sharing successful strategies and lessons.

    I never want to do anything else again. I’ve had that other job (wearing a suit in an office with people reporting to me), and I gave all that up in a heartbeat to be with teenagers. I have no ambitions to retire, be promoted, or be replaced because I am living my dream. And it doesn’t get any better than this!

    I am proud to be a teacher leader and a teacher-learner.  I have spoken nationwide at conferences, I have led numerous professional development trainings, and have more college credits that I can ever count. I am constantly learning new strategies so I can be better at my passion and so my students will achieve their dreams. I embrace technology, scour books for teaching strategies, and survey fellow teachers for their struggles.  All because I want to be a better version of me.


    If what I’m describing sounds like your dream come true, I’d love to partner with you!

    I know you’ll stop by this blog often:

    • If you are looking to supplement your curriculum with proven resources that will make your students work hard but smile as they do it.
    • If you need a few tips along the way about the classroom, dealing with parents, time management, grading or organization.
    • If you are looking to add digital activities/google apps in the classroom but need a place to start.
    • If you want to learn more about the brain and learning.
    • If you just need to refresh your spirit and attitude and be uplifted as a teacher. I will be here for you.

    You can view my resources at Teachers Pay Teachers

    My Teachers Pay Teachers Store

    Before school starts (for me it starts August) I will be posting some ideas and free offers, so stop by in July for that opportunity.

    Fun Facts about me:

    ➽I was always a shy child and later a very introverted adult until I kissed the Blarney Stone.

    ➽I love STAR TREK and STAR WARS. I will not debate on which is better, I love them both.

    ➽ I am obsessed with crime shows and mystery books. I don’t know why…..

    ➽I am at the movies almost every weekend. Sometimes alone and sometimes with friends. That’s me in the middle of the front row.