State Testing

    So I am sitting in the computer lab with students as they attempt the state testing–SBAC for those of you who aren’t so lucky…They are miserable, I am bored, they are clueless.  They keep looking at the clock, so do I. This is the first day, tomorrow will be the second and last day and we can go back to the classroom.  There are 36 questions and so far none of them have answered more than 12, so tomorrow looks very busy, lol.

    After first period, I realized that I needed something to do, so I started thinking about some activities for class on Wednesday.  We are working on Volume and Surface area of Cubes, so I am planning a team competition for them. They love team games especially when there is a prize involved (yes, there is still a big box of candy on my desk leftover from the volume activity). When I got home, voila! I made a team game for them to work on when testing is finished.

       They will work in rows to complete all 12 questions, and when they have all the answers, I like them to add up all the numbers and present me with one grand total.  Yep, you guessed it, even when they get the answers correct, sometimes their sum is OFF.  Makes for a fast paced, very exciting game.

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