The team Cube activity was a HUGE success.  I actually had winners in each class.  The questions that were straight forward were easy for the students, but the ones asking students to think backwards (find the side of a cube with volume 343) were difficult.  I think it was just that they did not read the question, they looked at the number, zeroed in on the fact that volume was mention and then started multiplying.  I have not decided how to combat this yet.  After the Team Competition, I gave the class a simple quiz on volume and surface area of cube and was impressed with the high scores.  The kids keep asking me for more games.  I tried a row relay in my advanced class on Thursday. Kids really enjoyed the row relay, they had to move to the next desk after each round and check the previous problem, initial if the work was correct and do the next problem on someone elses worksheet.  They had 15 minutes at the end of class to discuss the errors or misconceptions they found while travelling in the row.   My intention was to make each of the questions on the relay sheets with increasing difficulty, but my advanced students said they didn’t find any of the questions difficult.  Even the word problems did not cause them an issue, so I need to be doing some activities that really challenge them.
    We had done a table activity earlier in the week, so they had been doing some word problems.

    My other class did a Speed Dating activity (using a worksheet with cubes, rectangular and triangular prisms), which they seemed to think helped them understand some of their confusions about surface area of different prisms. I am still struggling with some of my classes, students are checked out at this point in the year and it is just difficult to get them to practice enough to understand the math.  Like pulling teeth on a rabid dog.  Next week we are back to the computer lab to finish state testing (I pray) and then we are moving on to statistics.  I told the kids that I was very excited to be doing the statistics unit, but I have a feeling that all my happiness may be partly due to the fact that it is the last unit, and the end is in sight.  (And we are all counting the days at this point.)

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